Grade 1

Welcome to Grade 1 with Mrs. Sullivan!

This is a fun and exciting year for you and your child.  Reading, Math, Writing, and Religion are the main courses we will be focusing on along with Science and Social Studies.

In Reading, we cover the basic Language Arts skills, phonics, and spelling as well as grammar skills.  The single most important element in ensuring reading success is to read aloud to your child as often as possible including his/her level of works and works above his/her level.  Make it a daily routine, a special time to spend together.  Help them to learn to love to read.  Remember you are your child’s first and most important teacher.

In Math, take the time to show your child that math is all around us.  Many opportunities exist in day-to-day living to show how math is meaningful and interesting.  Let them help you bake and measure, weigh things at the grocery store, count the change in your pockets, sort items in all different ways, etc.  We also spend time working on problem solving.

After the holidays, they will begin to write in their daily journals.  Here they will learn to express their thoughts in complete and interesting sentences.

In Religion, we will learn about Jesus’ early family life and how we belong to the Catholic Church.  We will grow in the knowledge and appreciation of your faith and its traditions.  Living the faith at home will help develop a child’s values and enhance an understanding of his/her religion.  All Saint’s Day, celebrated each year is our major production for the year.  This experience exposes them to 30 different saints’ lives and gives them the opportunity to speak in front of the church community.  A performance that is not to be missed.

Homework in first grade is an at home project.  Please see that it’s done and corrected by the parents, signed and returned to school on the correct date.  If you notice any problems with the assignment send a note along letting me know and we’ll work on it in school.

I strongly feel that if we all use the tools available and work together as a home-school team there will be a greater opportunity for your student to succeed

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Click here for copy of Monthly Book Log:  Monthly Book Log Chart.xls