Grade 8A

Welcome to Grade 8A with Mrs. Petterson.  Students in grade 8 have reached a crossroad.  Each will have one foot in grade 8 and the other foot reaching out to the high school of their choice.  Our goal will be to help them make that leap.  We will have fun working on our yearbook, going on our eighth grade class trip and preparing for graduation.  Sharing memories will be an important part of the year.  As we prepare for the future, we will continue to focus on our relationship with Jesus and how we can best serve Him now and in the years to come.





Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.
Homeroom – Mrs. Petterson
Math (Standard) – Mrs. Burns
Math (Accelerated) – Mr. Brunell
Language Arts – Mrs. Montesano
History – Mrs. Turner
Science – Mrs. Jackson
Religion – Mrs. Petterson
Spanish – Mrs. McNamara

Homework assignments are posted individually by subject each day.  You will see more than one post per day, each with the date and the subject (ex. 8/29 – Homework – Science, 8/29 – Homework – Math).  Be sure you look at each post for the date you are looking for to get all homework assigned.