Our School Mission

Mission Statement

It is the mission of St. Mary-Sacred Heart School to provide its students with a quality Catholic education. We strive to create a Christian Community that allows each student to develop his/her personal potential. With emphasis on social responsibility and respect for others, we prepare our students to meet the challenges of today’s diverse world.

Statement of Philosophy

We believe…

  • education must develop the whole person, spiritually, academically and socially, with Jesus as our model.
  • every student has the potential and right to learn.
  • every student has unique talents and abilities.
  • students learn best in a comfortable, safe, affirming environment that accommodates a variety of learning styles.
  • students need clear expectations, structure and high standards.

Schoolwide Goals

We will work cooperatively with parents and students to provide the most beneficial educational experience for each child. We will attempt to use each child’s strengths to help that child achieve academic success.

We will help students understand the importance of respecting others and taking responsibility for their actions and daily interactions. We will offer students appropriate conflict resolution and problem solving strategies in order to help them become contributing members of a Christian community.

The faculty will consistently evaluate the school’s curriculum, textbooks and materials to ensure that academic standards are in compliance with both state and national standards in each subject area.

The faculty will continue to attend workshops, seminars and conferences to upgrade teaching and evaluation methods. On a regular basis, teachers share their newly acquired information with the rest of the teaching staff.